10 Ways Our Homeschool Is Like Medieval Warfare

10 Ways Our Homeschool Is Like Medieval Warfare

I love history. I especially love Medieval history. It’s my favorite time period. Now, don’t get me wrong – I do not wish I had been born in that time period. I wouldn’t last very long. But, I do love reading about the time and especially about medieval warfare. So here’s my way of connecting to that time period – through our homeschool. Sound far-fetched? Not really.

1. Our home is our castle and we protect it.


Okay, so we don’t have high walls and a tower. Um, or even knights. Or rolling boulders, although those would be cool. But we do protect our time at home.

2. The kids wear this expression often.


Need I say more? While working. While reading. And writing. In play. Let’s not forget while doing math. Whatever. That expression is as familiar as the back of my hand in our homeschool.

3. We confer medals and titles whenever we want.


What? I’ve already established that I am the queen, my husband is the king and the children are… well, subjects. We confer rewards and dispense justice. And stickers. Don’t forget stickers. And certificates.

4. Half the time, it looks quite chaotic.


… but we know what we’re doing. Even with adrenaline pumping. Yes. Yes, we do.

5. We kill English.


This is an unfortunate fact. I mean, I try to save it. But alas! Murder and woe befalls it every single day. *sigh*

6. There is lots of time for free play and, more often than not, it ends up looking a lot like this.


I don’t know how a nice quiet game of charades or Scrabble ends up looking like this, but that’s how it goes.

7. Clothes are often optional and fashion choices questionable.


Sorry, kids. But you know it’s true. It’s great to homeschool, but not look like a homeschooler. You know what I mean. And you’ve been told far too often not to mix stripes with plaid. What’s next? Buttoning the top button and center parting your hair? Kilts?

8. Our books/pages are covered with sheet protectors


Extreme measures are required when multiple children handle books, so I’m not apologizing. What’s next? Chaining them to the shelves? Hey, now that you mention it…

9. We start ’em young on life skills.


See, it’s all about survival. So yes, Medieval soldiers learned to fight. We learn to fry eggs and make toast. Same difference.

10. We love our technology, too.


Edward I refused to let his enemies surrender until he had launched 300 pound projectiles at them with his brand new trebuchet. If only he had an X-Box. Or a Kindle Fire.

So I’m just saying – if you’re a knight time traveling from the past or something, we’re just like you. We have this medieval thing down. And… about that trebuchet. Know where we could get one? There are totally people I want to throw 300 lb projectiles on.

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