A Letter to Homeschooling Moms who Guided Me

a letter to homeschool moms who guided me

I owe some of my early homeschooling friends an apology.

Back when my daughter was barely over the age of 1 and I was pregnant with my son, I had delved deep into research. I was scouring library books, Amazon, unschooling blogs, homeschooling ideas, worksheets, interviewing moms and basically wondering how this would all work for us.

I came across some excellent ideas and resources. One of which was The Well Trained Mind, which is pretty much the book to go read if you are under the mistaken notion that you’re doing a fantastic job homeschooling your children, will never need any help and got it all figured out.

I read it again this last week and I thank God I did. Early homeschooling friends whom I talked down – yikes! I am humbled. Susan Wise Bauer definitely raises the bar.

And to all those friends that I said, “Do the kids really need all this?” “This seems like a lot.” “This seems way over the top!” or “I’m not doing this….”

To all those friends – a hearty apology! Because you know what my go-to resource currently is? Yup, you guessed it. The Well Trained Mind. 

This is maybe why the Bible says that with many counselors, there is wisdom and success and that gray hair is a crown of splendor.

And looking back over all the things I was thinking, I will say this – yes, the kids really need all this, yes, it’s a lot but they absolutely love it and need it for an education, it really isn’t that over the top compared to what children their age were required to know and read in the last two to three hundred years and yes, heartily, yes, I am doing this!

While I still don’t feel the need to push early education, once they’re ready, it’s full speed ahead! Thank you, those of you who guided me when I was new at this and were not afraid to show me a “difficult” book. Thank you to those who didn’t sell me on the notion that homeschooling is supposed to be only fun.

Even today, I depend on so many of you – fellow homeschoolers, of course, but especially those that have gone before – been there, done that – to those that tell me the truth when I ask, who guide me through the important decisions. Thank you. I’m so glad I have the wisdom of experience around me.

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