About Those Gaps in Learning…

About Those Gaps in Learning
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Each time I attend a homeschooling conference, there is an inevitable question that gets asked by new homeschoolers.

“But what about the gaps in learning?”

It’s a normal concern, I suppose. And anything is better than the socialization question that plagues new homeschoolers, but the gaps question is also an age old one and needs to be addressed.

My Gaps in Learning

I was recently watching Penny Dreadful with my husband. And I realized that I had never read Frankenstein. Not a big deal, I know.

But I am a literature major. And a writing major. How was it that I had made it through college and written so much about it and yet never read it? I had to fix the problem immediately, I decided. I downloaded my free copy and began reading it on my Kindle immediately.

It’s a small example, I know. But a significant one. Sometimes, information seems to permeate around us so much, we know enough about it but don’t know it.

For a related post, read my lament about not knowing the classics and how I began to fix that.

Everyone Has Gaps!

The fear most would be homeschoolers have when they begin is that they will somehow leave out something important. They are afraid of failing their children. And noble as this concern is, it is unfounded.

There is no mastermind in public schools that ensures there will not be gaps.
Everyone has gaps – this is the nature of education. Especially self directed education.

Think about all the things you looked up this week – recipes, lyrics of songs, instructions on how to put something together, plans, meanings of words, maps, even perhaps names of people you thought you knew. These were gaps in your learning. And you knew how to fix them.

If the Age of Information has taught us anything, it is this: gaps are inevitable. And that’s another nail in the coffin of public school. And for that, I welcome the realization.

A sacrosanct tome of information downloaded into your brain has always been a myth, but it was at no time more obvious than today.

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