Beware the Golden Age of Homeschooling

Beware the Golden Age of Homeschooling

It’s a great time to be homeschooling your kids. Even mainstream magazines says so. Heck, even Elon Musk recently said he was unschooling his child. If that doesn’t make homeschooling cool, what does?

The Tyranny of Choice

There are homeschooling workshops everywhere you look. There are countless numbers of books about how to do it right. Curricula now fills the first ten pages of a simple Google search. For a new homeschooling family, overwhelment can quickly take the place of excitement.

We have a tyranny of choice. What curriculum will you choose? Which book will you read? What classes will your child take? What is your style of teaching? How about the style of your child? Which books will you pick?

Sigh. Even as I write this, I know. I have my own contributions to this. Recently someone on my Facebook page posted that she didn’t have the resources we did when it came to homeschooling her kids and isn’t it wonderful that we do?

Yes, But…

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bemoaning our choices, simply stating that they can get overwhelming very quickly. I love being about to ask questions in Facebook groups, to look something up, to buy a new curriculum (or no curriculum for that matter!) if one goes sour.

But all these choices can sometimes be paralyzing and downright frustrating. Faced with a hundred options, some will delay choosing while some others will try to cram it all in.

Please don’t do that! If you can, avoid both those extremes.

Here’s the best advice I can give you – especially if this is your first year of homeschooling – don’t begin with searching for curricula of any kind. Spend more time dreaming. Some some time creating mental maps of what you want your homeschooling and your family to look like during this time. Then work backwards from there.

Beginning with the end in mind works because it eliminates some options. Spend some time removing things before adding them and you’ll notice that choosing (and planning!) gets easier.

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Author: Purva Brown

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2 thoughts on “Beware the Golden Age of Homeschooling”

  1. Yes! I wish I had this mindset in beginning…but such is life. This is my 15th year homeschooling four children and I feel like I have pared my curriculum down to the bare minimum. Still, you’re right about all the choices. I can succumb to the shiny pictures. Thanks for the reminder to keep the end in mind. Great post!

  2. Oh my..You just exactly put my thoughts into these words…this is my first year and sadly I have been paralyzed by too many options, too many good articles to read but at times unable to move since I felt soooo overwhelmed! Thanks for this post!

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