Build Confidence in Your First Year of Homeschooling: Five Must-Reads

5 Must Reads For Your First Homeschooling Year

Handpicked by blog readers, these are the top five most helpful posts you need to read in your first year of homeschooling:

Think you need tons of stuff before you start homeschooling? Think again! Learn how to piece together a curriculum and a working schedule for your first year. Here are 12 Must Haves For Your First Year of Homeschooling.

A good schedule is a wonderful thing, but yours may not look like everyone else’s. Draw inspiration from real life schedules parents use to make it work in this post about real homeschool schedules.

Please read this one before you buy the boxed curriculum and avoid the five most common mistakes new homeschoolers make.

And, yes, you can save money homeschooling. Our children have never been in public school, but I have repeatedly heard that we would be spending much larger amounts of money if they were to be enrolled. Read about some ways you can save money as homeschooler, while still giving your kids a fantastic education.

And finally, my personal favorite. There will be times in your first year when it might not be all wine and roses. There will be times when you might feel isolated from the world, especially if you don’t enjoy being home as much as I do. This is a post for that time: What to do when homeschooling gets lonely.

So there you have it. Five posts for your first year of homeschooling. Is there something I have not addressed yet? Comment below!

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