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The Classical Unschooler Recommends

Here you will find some of my favorite things – graphic novels, books, even videos and games. Go on! Dig in.

Our Best Loved Books Hand Picked by my Children

I have one child who love fantasy and graphic novels, one who reads everything about Minecraft and loves maps and another who could sit for hours being read to. And here are their favorites.

4 Books to Introduce Philosophy

A basic knowledge of philosophy is as important as a basic knowledge of history. It makes you a better thinker. But what if, like me, you have no background in philosophy? Start here.

5 Books to Boost Your Motivation

Changing habits take work and a decent amount of motivation. Here are 5 books that can help you create better habits. While these books don’t deal with homeschooling or unschooling per se, much of what they can be generalized to create a better life for yourself.

From The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers

If you have read my book The Classical Unschooler, you know that I think The Lost Tools of Learning is arguably the best essay I have read about how learning takes place and so how best to teach (and learn!)
Here are some great takeaways from the book to whet your appetite.

The Ultimate Reading List for Homeschoolers

The books follow no particular order and are not categorized. My advice? Read as many of them as you can. If you already have a well developed reason for homeschooling, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and give up when the going gets hard.

The Most Recommended Read Alouds for Fans of Fantasy

I asked a few hundred of my homeschooling friends what books they would recommend for those of us that love fantasy and adventure stories as read alouds. I was working on a list. Then I thought maybe you would like to see this list, too.

The Master List of Graphic Novels to Include in Your Homeschool Curriculum

If you haven’t checked out these treasures, now is good time to do so. What we’re experiencing today might well be the golden age of graphic novels. Here’s a selection of my favorites, both for kids and adults alike.

The Three Lessons of Monopoly

Think Monopoly has nothing to teach besides real estate? Think again. I agree to play it so much because Monopoly has some fantastic lessons for all.

The Foodie Four

My top picks for learning and teaching kids about cooking food. These are not just for teaching children to cook, but also for helping you dig deeper into the culinary arts and wherever else the rabbit hole you pick may lead.

Don’t Do Stuff You Hate

Clearly, it’s not a book about homeschooling or even about unschooling. But it is a book about trying to change your life as much as you possibly can. It’s a challenge to reinvent what you can.

My New Book – Big Shoes to Fill

A Christian memoir about seeing God in the everyday ordinary when all my children were five and under.


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