Crafting Classical Unschooling

Crafting Classical Unschooling

A memory: my daughter is a toddler. My husband and I are dealing with a discipline issue I can’t remember. She’s our first child and we are plotting with the kind of hope and blind optimism first time parents bring to such things.

“We have to be ready for the next time,” my husband reminds me.

I am not fazed.

“Situations can be created,” I aver.

He laughs. “You sound like an FBI agent.”

Unschooling sometimes gets a bad rap. People sometimes assume it means doing nothing at all. If you’ve read my book The Classical Unschooleryou probably know my take on the matter of radical unschooling. While it might work for others, it is not something that our family has chosen.

We much prefer classical unschooling.

Classical unschooling isn’t a thing that automatically happens. As I mentioned above regarding my (then) toddler, situations have to be created for our days to go well.

Strewing is a strategy we use often. Often, if I notice that my children are interested in something, I will put related things in their paths so that they can learn more about the topic.

We also memorize. We don’t do a lot of this, but just enough that there is something for the mind to dwell on or recall with ease.

Your homeschooling style doesn’t have to be either/or.

I know that as someone who straddles two supposed extremes, I often get ridiculed from both sides. I have heard both the argument of not doing “true” unschooling and “dumbing down” classical education.

Pick a side, I’m constantly told. But I resolutely refuse to do so for the simple reason that this works for us.

I will always pick what works over an ideology. Better to choose an education for yourself and your children rather than a style.

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