Do Nothing (For a While)

Do Nothing (For a While)
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Perhaps the best piece of advice I have received (and the hardest to keep) is to do nothing. Doing nothing (for a while) every day is the best way to release creativity and motivation for the other times. You know, those times when we work.

Doing Nothing in a Homeschool Setting

Some people like going on walks to clear their mind. Some others swear that playing a musical instrument and letting their mind wander does the trick. Whatever it is that you like to do, make sure you leave time for it in the day.

And leave time for it for your children as well. Do not fill up every minute of the day with something to do. Boredom is good and healthy for everyone.

You might have to work out the how of it for your particular family, but for mine, I’ve got ignoring my children down to an art form. Seriously, why not pursue something you’d like to do for a while? After the first few years, parenting doesn’t need to be hands on.

It’s not Worthless

Doing nothing isn’t time wasted.

It’s easy to think that time spent doing nothing is worthless, but a simple experiment will prove otherwise. Try it.

If you are concerned with doing nothing, stick this Aqua Notes waterproof notepad in your shower. Trust me on this one. Don’t try to come up with something to write on it, don’t try too hard. Just leave it there. You might even forget about it. Then go about your day.

As you forget that it’s there and go about your day (and your shower) you will notice that while you’re doing nothing and letting your mind wander in the shower, you will have ideas. These thoughts might need jotting down.

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. While I’m doing nothing. And I’ve found that those twenty minutes tend to enliven the rest of my day.

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