Does College Scare Homeschoolers?

Does College Scare Homeschoolers?

Every once in a while, we receive those questions: the odd ones from people who don’t know any homeschoolers and weren’t educated at home themselves.

I have had numerous conversations with people who swore up and down that the only reason they have sent their children to public school was because they wanted them to get exposure to all the diversity out there and be able to have conversations with people.

I had to laugh. Because all that day our children were with us talking with everyone just fine. Imagine that!

Perhaps the most annoying of all those questions is how homeschoolers will adjust to college. The question isn’t ever about academic achievement, mind you, it’s about how they will adjust to the socialization that the new environment requires because they haven’t shared in the popular culture.

So here’s a great article I recently read that deals expressly with the homeschoolers in college question. It’s written by someone who was homeschooled herself. Perhaps my favorite part is this one:

Ultimately, the transition from homeschool to college isn’t a matter of getting out of the house and talking to people for a change, but merely of continuing academic studies in a different venue and in a different manner. Unlike many who feel that college is unstructured, for me, college feels more structured than high school did (for instance, my classes start at the same time each week). While my peers might feel at a loss with their newfound freedom and scheduling flexibility, I am eager to fill the slots in my schedule so that my week runs like clockwork. I’m used to self-imposing order and routine, rather than being forced into a routine by a public high school.

Oh, and if you were wondering about homeschoolers and how they interact with college, there are numerous articles about homeschoolers attending college, not just here, but worldwide.

Or perhaps we should just stop trying to get into college in the first place?

Do you get the odd questions about college as a homeschooling parent? Were you homeschooled and attended college? Please share your experiences!
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