Does Your Suffering Have Meaning?

Does Your Suffering Have Meaning?

Yours. Yes, yours.

I know, it’s relatively light suffering, perhaps. But there’s no reason to brush it off as non-existent.

I’ll admit it. As a new homeschooler, I suffered.

Although my children had never been in public school, it took me some time to develop my convictions.

I suffered when other parents rejoiced when school started back up in the fall. On days that the children did not do as they were told, on days when school work was just too hard, I suffered.

There were days when we all cried.

Suffering in anything is a given. Suffering in anything worth doing is also a given.

The point is this: does it have meaning and do you know what that meaning is?

David Brooks, in The Road to Characterputs it quite succinctly.

For most of us, there is nothing noble about suffering. When it is not connected to some larger purpose beyond itself, suffering shrinks or annihilates people. When it is not understood as a piece of a larger process, it leads to doubt, nihilism, and despair.

But some people can connect their suffering to some greater design. It is not the suffering itself that makes all the difference, but the way it is experienced.

So as a homeschooler, even an experienced one, do you know why you suffer? Can you see the good that comes from it?

Those hard days, those days when nothing goes right, or even the days when everything seems fine but there is that nagging feeling, do you know why you do what you do?

If you don’t, it’s time you thought about it and developed some convictions. It is in these that you will be able to see the long term picture.

It is your convictions that will give you the strength to go on.

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