I Don’t Buy the Hype about Preschool Education

Don't buy the hype about early childhood education

Another study has come out saying how early childhood or preschool “education,” especially of the academic kind does not help children do better as they get older, but is anyone listening?

Even as I write this someone has sent me a private message with a list of things children need to know before they enter – get this – kindergarten! The list includes: know their ABCs, be able to write their name, count to 20, the ability to sit still for twenty minutes, memorize their phone number and street address. Wow. My kids don’t stand a chance!

We did very little preschool, choosing to do crafts and other unimportant things like playing outside, reading and singing songs instead. What a waste of time. I should have been holding Hucksley’s hand, teaching him how to write his name, which he still, at five, cannot do well. I’m such a failure.

What bothers me most about this push for earlier and earlier education is that California has tried in the past to make kindergarten mandatory and will try again.

No one is paying attention to the myriad studies that insist over and over that children develop at different rates and the best thing at younger ages is to let them play. This is where I agree wholeheartedly with the unschooling community that wants the government out of their children’s education altogether. Sounds perfect to me!

If you want to read about it, look into the research for yourself. Read David Elkind, read John Holt, Raymond and Dorothy Moore, Thomas Sowell, amongst others.

Don’t go by popular opinion, ubiquitous as it might be, reiterated by politicians.

I’m afraid mandatory kindergarten is becoming more of a certainty every day at the expense of parental rights and I’m worried how the place we live will look to our children and our children’s children – if they will even have the right to homeschool or we will have creches, like the French.

Yeah, put me down for the Ugh size.

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Author: Purva Brown

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