We Don’t Know How Good We Have It

We Don't Know How Good We Have It

For some odd reason my husband and I have decided that the children need the camping experience. They need to sleep uncomfortably on the hard ground under the stars, they need to be hot in the afternoon. Apparently, they need to “toughen up.”

I say this a little tongue in cheek, mind you. Because I’m as soft as they come. I love my little slice of suburbia. Who doesn’t love a soft, cushy couch and the temperature controlled to be no more than three degrees this way or that? I love a soft bed with a pillow contoured to fit my neck. I can count of having food at the grocery store when I need it, a fridge to keep it fresh when I bring it back. And… running hot water? Hello?! Luxury!

I Don’t Know How Good I Have It

And yet, I’m bored. Sometimes, I want to dump it all and move to another state, a different home, another neighborhood. I complain about noise, the boredom of repetitive tasks, day in and day out, the monotony – really, anything, everything, nothing and all of it. All together.

Homeschooling and being around the kids can feel like that on some days. Some days, all it feels like is plod, plod, plod. First we do one thing and then the next and the next. It’s all planned out, there’s no variation. And even when there is, there’s a certain monotony that comes into play – enough to make you want to chuck it all up.

And that is precisely when…

…you should take a break. Just make sure it’s fairly drastic. Like our camping trip (of one night – yes, go ahead and laugh at my weak self!) do something different. And I don’t mean sort of different like a field trip. I mean something that you have to go out of your way to style and create. Something not practical would be ideal.

So when you come back to your normal, boring homeschooling, it will feel just right.

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Author: Purva Brown

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