First Year Homeschoolers: Practice Being Uncomfortable

First Year Homeschoolers: Practice Being Uncomfortable

It’s almost time. No, I’m not talking about Christmas – or even the new year. I’m talking about January. It’s coming, you know!

All that pressure to start anew, make amends, create resolutions.

What will you plan on doing this year? Spend time wisely? Lose weight? Be organized? Even be happier? Or thrifty?

While these are all worthy goals – and worth pursuing – beware of jumping into them too easily. Especially if you’re a new homeschooler.

Life Changes are Hard

We recently moved into a tiny – and I do mean tiny – apartment from a small house. Our house is on the market and we intend to move into a different house pretty soon. So as you can tell, there have been many changes.

My daughter hasn’t responded well to them. One night, after being grumpy and difficult, she burst into tears with the words, “Everything is different!”

Homeschooling can be like that. It is a big change – it’s a change in lifestyle, after all. It demands a change in your schedule, your attitude. And precisely because of that it demands a change in your thinking. 

And that is hard.

The Problem

But the problem isn’t that homeschooling or any other life changes are hard. The concern – as my daughter found out – was that we strain against them and make them harder.

Instead of accepting that this is how it’s going to be and it’s not going to feel normal for a while (because it’s not) we beat our heads against it. We try to ripen buds, to make it new things feel normal.

And when they don’t, we assume something must be wrong and try to change them.

If this is your first year homeschooling, avoid that trap. Resist setting resolutions for yourself that are not realistic. Instead, work toward this idea – practice being comfortable with the discomfort.

Practice saying to yourself what I told my daughter, what I’m repeating to myself like a mantra: This is how it’s going to feel for a while – and that’s okay. 

Because nothing is really wrong. It’s just different.

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