Five Things to Help Save Time This Spring

Five Things to Help You Save Time This Spring

Spring is lurking around the corner. In our little corner in California, it means we indulge in that annoying act of springing our clocks forward and arguably making us worse for the wear.

And while I don’t mind DST much, what always gets me this time of year is the sense that I am somehow always behind. It’s as if Spring is egging me on, saying, “Come on! Hurry up!”

If you feel the same way, I’ve identified a few things that help me save time and make my life easier. I use these on a regular basis, so they are time tested and dependable. They might help you, too.

A journal

I was recently told that the name “to do list” no longer works. Today, we call it “bullet journaling.” I had no idea. I use three different journals everyday. One tells me what to do, one records what I have done and also what I have gleaned from the day. And the third one is purely for creative purposes like planning blog posts.

While it might seem like it takes time to keep journals, writing in them has helped me save time instead. How is this possible? Well, for one, I’m not constantly trying to remember what I was supposed to do every single day.

Most of my tasks tend to be repetitive. However, because I try to be a task allocater rather than a project finisher (the more efficient of the two) I like to see what I need to get done and check it off.

Also, I tend to take the heart the advice that I can pick and choose from my list of tasks for the day. I pick easy things and build momentum. I’m not always a fan of “eating that frog” first thing in the morning. Then again, some days I am.

Having a journal with a list of tasks helps me organize my day and get it all done without having to remember every last thing to do.

A timer

This is one trick I learned from The Flylady. You can do anything for 15 minutes, she likes to say. It’s true. If you feel like you’re not motivated, it helps to set the timer and give something your undivided attention for a set amount of time. It gets done pretty quickly. That’s because setting the timer adds an element of game play into the activity.

My children also use the timer for their video games to ensure fairness. We give each child control over the games for an hour each. That tends to cut down on arguments and keeps everyone contented.

Post its

I love stationery. Period. But there’s a special reason love Post Its. I use Post Its in our daily planning school method as I have explained here.

I even made a little video about it for my Facebook page.

Aqua Notes Water Proof Shower Pad

Okay, this one is exciting, you guys! I have Aqua Notes hanging in my shower with scribbles on it right now.

You know those ideas you get when you’re in the shower that you can never remember when you get out? With Aqua Notes, you can write them down. I can also use it to plan my day without having to hurry out of the shower. Sometimes I’m listening to a podcast in the shower and I can quickly jot down something I’ve heard that sounds interesting.

Highly recommended! Especially for moms who have too many things going through their heads at any given moment.

A Chromebook

This one is close to my heart. For years, I bought annoyingly big and heavy laptop computers that got hot on my lap if I used them too long. And if I wanted my children to use them, I cringed and prayed as they uncomfortably carried this heavy thing around the room. Also, the batteries kept dying and the aging laptops had to be connected to a power source all the time! 

Those headaches are now over, thanks to my Samsung Chromebook! I have been known to mention this piece of technology on random Facebook groups and anyone asking for a recommendation.

And how does it save you time? It takes less than 30 seconds to open up and begin typing on this blog. Which means that as soon as I have an idea, I can get going on it. No headaches, no frustrations with slow start ups, nothing. And it’s light, under $300 and small enough to fit in my oversized purse.

So there you are. Five gadgets to save you time this Spring. So come on, Daylight Savings Time. Come on, spring and summer! We’re ready for you now!

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