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Free Online Assessment Tests - The Classical Unschooler

We recently tested our homeschoolers. After working with them all year, I was curious.

Of course I knew their individual abilities, but it was good to get some reassurance that we were indeed on the right track, even a little ahead.

Since we were still working at lower grades, I did not want to formally test them. These informal, online assessments came in handy.

The Schonell Reading Test tests if the child is reading at the right age level, not grade.

The San Diego Reading Assessment Test takes about ten minutes and measures the recognition of words out of context. Be forewarned however: I do not endorse this test for anyone younger than 2nd grade. In fact, I don’t believe in pushing children to read before they are ready. (By “ready,” I would mean that they are able to blend sounds.) Since this test claims to have preschoolers recognize or read words, I do not endorse that part of it.

Mindsprinting Tests are for math and reading. Full disclosure: I have not used these and they do require you to provide an email address.

Singapore Math Placement Test – while a “placement” test and not “assessment test” nevertheless can be helpful to get an idea of the child’s ability to solve math problems at a specific grade level.

Saxon Math Placement Tests can be found here.

If there is a specific curriculum you have been using, you can also check online to see if it has its own assessment test associated with the text.

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