Frugality: What is Well Stocked?

Frugality: What is Well Stocked?

My husband and I had a discussion/argument lately about what it means for the fridge to be “well stocked.”

Just Enough or Enough to Inspire?

My definition of well stocked tends to fall on the side of underbuying and efficiency. Like most people, we grocery shop once a week and I prefer to meal plan.

As a result, that I end up buying just what we need.

A well stocked fridge to me, therefore, is one that has exactly what we need. To my husband, it is something more. It is something that allows and inspires creativity. A well stocked fridge to him would have more than just what is necessary.

Frugal or Cheap? Or Minimalist?

A good discussion of frugality needs a good definition of what constitutes just plain cheap. When does the line get crossed?

There is much talk about minimalism today. But I wonder if some people – like myself – that are relative underbuyers end up shooting themselves in the foot with minimalism.

It is possible to buy just enough to be cheap and just enough to be creative. You have to first figure out where your personality and the culture of your family is happiest.


This idea of buying just enough has consequences across the board. In terms of learning and homeschooling, for example, are you the kind of person that is happier having a set plan and working through it all the way? Or do you like having more than you need? Does that inspire you? How about your children?

Every week, we pick up a huge stack of books from the local library. Do we read them all? No, but it’s nice to have more just in case.

My wardrobe is not minimalist, either. I don’t have too many pieces, but having just a handful that work is not me either. It feels too restrictive. I’m just beginning to learn that there is no reason why the word “few” has to follow “well chosen.”

We can leave room for inspiration while being frugal. We do not have to cross the line into being cheap.

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