“Give Your Child the World” by Jamie C. Martin

Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin

I recently picked up Jamie C. Martin’s book Give Your Child The World. And I decided I simply had to write about it here.

First, a little about Jamie

As you probably know, Jamie is the owner of the most well known homeschooling website on the internet Simple Homeschool

This blog has been around for a long time and just keeps getting better. It has become a resource for homeschoolers from around the world. It is one of those blogs people mention immediately as a recommendation for someone beginning homeschooling.

I’ve been a contributor for Simple Homeschool for almost a year now and I can tell you that all those accolades are well deserved. Jamie is truly one of those genuine people you hear about.

She works hard and she’s got a heart of gold. When she says she cares, she does. Jamie is as real as they come.

About Give Your Child The World

So when I saw that she had a new book out, I had to pick it up. And I was not disappointed. This book was in the works for five years! And it shows.

Meticulously researched and cross referenced by place, date, child’s age, title and authors, this is the perfect resource if you’re looking for something more than just a book list.

The book is divided according to region and the child’s age, so you can quickly choose the right book for the right time. The selections are mostly fiction but there are some nonfiction books as well.

Mostly, it’s about immersing the child in the universe – literally – of stories around the world, which is a great way to learn about a place.

Use it!

The thing I loved about it was that Jamie didn’t just write the book. She also wrote some of her story. And it is incredible. If there was anyone “qualified” to write this book, it was her, with a truly international family.

She also includes tips in Give Your Child the World about how to go about learning about other cultures and countries, how to include learning as part of living in your home and shares some of my ambivalence about bedtime reading.

She believes in the power of the story, but not for its own sake. Rather, Jamie allows these stories to move her to action in her own life. If you want to introduce your kids to different countries, don’t just stop at maps and geography, introduce literature as well! Stories are where the heart is.

Get the book! You’ll be glad you did. And here’s the best part: from now until Sunday April 9th., the ebook is just $1.99 on Amazon!

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