The Hardest Thing about Unschooling

The Hardest Thing about Unschooling

My Facebook newsfeed is full of the father from Philadelphia who wrote a scathing response to his children’s principal who had marked their family vacation days as unexcused absence from school. I know firsthand the kind of education his children received in those three days when they weren’t present in school. I know because we try to have days like that every single day where the children are always learning.

Whether Mr. Rossi knew it or not, he was making a strong case for unschooling.

The hardest thing about unschooling? Stopping.

We are on a personal vacation of sorts this week. It’s felt like a long year already because, as Mr. Rossi so eloquently puts forth in his letter, I have tried to remember and record every little subject the children are involved in learning during their daily lives. For good measure, and also because we must keep records for the state, I mark each day of sit-down, classroom style (albeit one-on-one) math, reading and writing.

It’s hard to stop.

Yesterday, I finally gave up. I found a good book and decided I was going to read, leave the kids to their video games and their television. I was on vacation. I was done.

When I came out, my daughter started telling me about scuttlefish, lion cubs, sting rays and sharks. She had watched hours of shows about lions and oceans.

Vacation? Yes. School? Also, yes. Today, we will go to a store and exchange a laptop I’m using and the kids will add to their knowledge base of money, trade and financial education.

I am learning, slowly, I suppose, as the letter above states, that the line between school and real life is not just blurry, it might very well be non-existent.

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