Homeschool Girls, Unschool Boys or Vice Versa

Homeschool Girls, Unschool Boys or Vice Versa

NPR recently published an article about how fidgeting helps some learn and if we leave out the ADHD label, it’s something every homeschooling mom figures out eventually.

Not only do boys and girls learn differently, every child has his own specific way he learns best. Especially at younger ages, which is another reason not to push too much too early.

My daughter whines – quite a bit. She appreciates the one on one teaching. She needs me to sit by her. There is much hand holding. It is important to her that she is seated, that she is in control. She enjoys writing, she hates making mistakes. She loves rewards, tangible ones. She needs to hear, “Good job!”

My son does not need to be pushed. He doesn’t need me to watch his every move, well, unless he’s playing video games and he wants to brag. I can hand him some flash cards and he gets it. In fact, I’ve caught him adding up numbers in his head when he’s bored. He doesn’t write yet, because his hands sweat, he is left handed and he’s not ready.

The baby? I have no idea how he will learn yet, but I’m pretty sure he’s a kinesthetic learner.

All this to say that even within the same family learning does not take place in a straight line. Can you imagine this times twenty or thirty in a classroom? The one size fits all model is crazier than it seems.

Our eclectic crazy unschool system works for now, but I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. All I know is I’m leaving room for it all.

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