Homeschool New Year’s Resolutions I Will NOT be Making (or Keeping)

Homeschool New Year's Resolutions I Will Not Be Making (or Keeping)
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If you’re making some new year’s resolutions for 2018, chances are you have some homeschool ones. Last year, I posted five books to boost motivation. The books were mainly about making and keeping new habits and working with the personality you have.

And while I love the fresh start January offers every year, there are some homeschool resolutions I will certainly not be making.

This is especially for our homeschool, but applies in a general way to other areas as well. Here are three of my biggest ones.

I will not be reading books that don’t matter

I have already written about our read aloud rules, but I’m going to extend that to all books in 2018. I will not be reading books in our homeschool that bore us or ones we have to plod to get through.

I believe firmly that we have to learn to quit – to stop doing things that don’t work and teach our children to do the same.

So I will no longer read books that don’t matter or guilt myself into reading something just because I “should.”

I will not use a curriculum/style/workbook beginning to end

Anyone who has read my books The Classical Unschooler and Create Your Own Homeschooling Curriculum knows that I tend to be fairly eclectic, pulling things from various places.

This year, I intend to use conversation as a main driving tool for our homeschool and rely more on rabbit trails, online searches and possibly even current affairs, bad history and yes, even “fake news” to steer our homeschool journey.

I will absolutely not depend on a specific workbook, curriculum or feel bad for not doing something the “right way.” If it gets us learning, searching and talking about it, it’s done its job.

I will not fit in

For all the FOMO that the social media age seems to have supposedly brought on, I have realized that it has also given us incredible freedom. Not everyone is driven by the need to be where things are happening, because, let’s face it, things aren’t all happening in one place.

Even as we broadcast our perfect moments on Facebook and Twitter, we admit that this is what matters to us as of now. This group, this family, this party, this hike, these friends, this um, well, questionable choice in food photography.

So I will make no attempt to fit in this year. I will not make my children fit in to anything. I will not worry that they are not in lock step with their grade levels or their peers. I will not let peer pressure drive me.

These then are some resolutions I refuse to make in 2018. Are there any resolutions you particularly shun? Let’s hear them!

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