Homeschooler, Deschool Yourself!

Homeschooler, Deschool Yourself!

It’s that time when everyone is returning to school. I’m sure your Facebook feed – like mine – is full of it. Parents are thrilled kids are back in school and to homeschoolers it seems like an odd thing that so many are so happy not to see their children for an entire day, day in and day out for weeks and months.

….until we realize that maybe it has little to do with physical proximity and more to do with worldview.

You see, in the public school worldview, everyone in a family goes off and does their thing individually in their specific “cubicles,” if you will. Everything is segregated. Everything is specialized. There are subjects and disciplines that do not intersect. Margins and borders are drawn in thick, black markers.

But is that truly the world we live in today?

Think about it. In a world where kindergartners are being groomed to go to college as an ultimate goal, are we truly ever done learning even after college? Do we even need a degree to learn something? In this age of information, what does a degree even signal? In a time when more and more employees are in charge of their own schedules and choose to work remotely, what exactly is the value of a cubicle?

It’s a great time to homeschool but we first have to deschool ourselves.

We have to stop thinking of education as something that comes from one benign source. We have to give up the desire to be spoonfed information. Deschooling, unlike what people might have in mind, requires constant, consistent learning. It is a shift in perspective from, “Teach me!” to “I’m going to find out!”

Before we homeschool effectively, we must deschool. We must get rid of the idea that anyone out there cares more about the education, information and knowledge that will come our way besides we ourselves.

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Author: Purva Brown

Writer / blogger at - unapologetically blending two seeming opposites.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooler, Deschool Yourself!”

  1. How do you answer someone who says that one mom can not possibly get her children ready for college or the real world. I got hit with that last night, and I’m still trying to process that. I lean towards learning what you need to know when you need to know it and not trying to cram a bunch of stuff in their heads, but I’m still nagged by the idea that I’m doing my children a disservice by not making them go through the discipline of having that stuff crammed in their heads.

    1. Actually, it is always one family getting the child ready for the real world. Ask any teacher and she’ll tell you that the influence of the family counts far more than anything else in a person’s life. Every study everywhere comes back to the same thing – the family matters. So actually the influence of one mom outshines everything else in the child’s life.
      Secondly, you’re not raising your children in a vacuum. Physical imprisonment (as in a classroom) is not necessary for learning. Your kids are already in the real world. This is the real world. It is the classroom and the school environment that is not. If the children are interacting with other adults and other children, they are already in the real world. It is children in school who are isolated by age groups. Nowhere else are they ever going to be in a place with fifty other people the same age as they are!
      And thirdly no one can honestly claim that anyone is prepared for the future. We don’t know what the future will look like. The best we can do is give the children the tools to be able to learn and prepare themselves for their lives. This includes character and the ability to learn.
      Those are a few of my thoughts on the matter.

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