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Homeschoolers and Sports - The Classical Unscholer

Homeschoolers and if they should be playing on public school teams are in the news again, albeit locally. The idea surfaces every few years or so, it seems.

Often referred to as the Tebow debate, there are two sides to this argument.

One side argues that they pay the same taxes as the others and since schools are funded by tax payers, that their children shouldn’t be held behind just because the student isn’t part of the traditional school setting. The other side claims that “high school is a privilege, not a right.” Read the rest of the argument here as covered in Time Magazine.

On a personal level, we’ve never been a family interested in sports. We do not shun all extra curricular activities, but require that our children show a certain level of commitment before we insist that they compete on any level. But I am following this argument with some general inquisitiveness if not interest.

What do you think? Are sports considered important in your family? What options do you have and where are your children enrolled?

Of course the final say is that of the state where you are located. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has published the state laws for each state so you can find out if joining your local high school sports team is an option for your child. You can find that list here.

As a self-proclaimed unschooler though, I wonder about what the unschoolers among my readers think about this argument. Most unschoolers want little to do with any kind of organized event and so it would probably follow that high school sports are not an attraction for their families.

What say you? Are you a homeschooler or an unschooler and involved in sports? Does your state allow the involvement of homeschoolers in public school teams?  
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1 thought on “Homeschoolers and Sports”

  1. We could participate, but we don’t. I have very strong opinions about government funded schooling, as in, I don’t think it is appropriate. For that reason, I would love to see government schooling go away completely, and I believe there is nothing truly valuable there that can’t be found elsewhere, so we don’t support anything done there and we don’t want to give a mixed message that what is provided at the local state-worship temple has some value. I also believe that organized competitive sports offers little to civilization other than bread and circuses to keep the masses pacified. My children enjoy sporting activities on a casual basis and it isn’t uncommon for them to be playing volleyball, softball or football at get-togethers with other families.

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