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Homeschooling Advice From a Book Not About Homeschooling

Things can always suck less. See if you can figure out how. – Isaac Morehouse

I’ve been reading Don’t Do Stuff You Hate, which if you have not read, you should go pick up a copy now.

You ought to read it as a favor to yourself and your family – especially if you’re homeschooling.

Now why would I say that? Clearly, it’s not a book about homeschooling or even about unschooling.

But it is a book about trying to change your life as much as you possibly can. It’s a challenge to reinvent what you can.

Part of the reason I’m the odd bird of a classical unschooler is because I’ve always been one for reinventing our homeschooling. I like blending opposites. I like being eclectic and picking and choosing things from here and there. I like quitting things that don’t work.

Does it get hard? Yes, of course it does. Do I question myself? You can bet every single time I see perfectly organized annual curricula by one of my friends who follows the more traditional classroom model, my heart skips a beat.

But in the end, it all comes down to honesty. I don’t want to have my children – pencils sharpened – at nine a.m. at the dinner table, for school. I don’t think it’s ideal for us.

I like classical unschooling. In fact, I absolutely freaking love it.

The easy question to answer, Morehouse claims, is what you hate and try to eliminate it or see if you can at least work toward what you love. In the beginning, it’s harder to find things we love, so begin by eliminating the things you dislike.

“As both you and the world change, the possibilities are untold. Don’t sweat finding that one thing right now. Figure out where you’re not in the zone. The sooner you ditch panhandling for fool’s gold, the faster you can start mining in places likely to have a mother lode.”

This is great advice. And it can apply to everything from picking a career to homeschooling to budgeting to running a household.

Think about it.

And, yes, read the book.

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Author: Purva Brown

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