Homeschooling & Clutter

Homeschooling & Clutter

With tastes such as frugality, organization, lifelong learning and homeschooling, it should come as no surprise that reducing clutter is another passion of mine.

But I am hardly talking about the kind of clutter that builds up in our homes.

I have dedicated another blog post to that about homeschooling in a small house. And there are various other websites dedicated to reducing items we bring into the home that end up owning us.

I want to talk instead about the kind of clutter that is even more insidious – mental clutter.

Change takes time and most of what changes when change occurs is us.

Organization 101

When you talk to any organization expert, the first thing they will tell you is you cannot organize clutter. The thing to do with it instead is to get rid of it.

But how many of us think about cleaning house in this way?

Reduce Mental Clutter

If this is your first year homeschooling, the most important thing you can do is reduce clutter. And let me be clear – in this case, “reduce” means “get rid of.”

Don’t set your ideas aside. Change them.

Think about things, form convictions. If something doesn’t fit, throw it away. Do not shelve it.

Too often, we get bogged down by old ideas as much as by old items.

If you’re thinking of getting a handle on organization, begin here.

Getting Started

An easy way to get started is to read from an excellent list of books about homeschooling. I have compiled one here.

Another way to do so is to question your own assumptions. Change takes time and most of what changes when change occurs is us. If you are scared, nervous, or otherwise concerned about something, don’t avoid thinking about it.

Instead, find out where it hurts, what it is and delve deep into it until you reach the solution.

Watch your children, learn from them, from each other and see what fits. Throw everything else away. And you will be left with what works.

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