Homeschooling Is Boring

Homeschooling is boring

As a mom, I feel the need to be with my children at all times. As a homeschooling mom not only do I feel the need to be with them all the time, the pictures in my head tell me that we have not just to share the same space, but also be involved with each other all day.

Sometimes I think the problem lies with all the homeschooling catalogs around me with pictures of ridiculously happy families laughing as they read together on the couch. And one particular video ad that surfaces often on Facebook by a certain company that shall go unmentioned where the little girl has been told to act out wonder and she’s acting out WONDER! 

My kids don’t look like that. They don’t look awed by learning.

They’re wiggly, sometimes bored, often crabby for having to share, their mouths hang open when they play video games or watch television, they cry a lot and it takes a less then three seconds for the two boys to end up on the floor tearing in a drag down fight. Not advertisement material. Not even a little bit.

But they are learning. And they are still flawed and imperfect and I love them. If asked if they love each other, they would say yes.

Homeschooling, regardless of the catalog covers you see, is pretty boring. I love it and think it’s the best way but I think selling it as the always, all the time, full of wonder, does it a disservice. Our children and we live our lives together. Our lives are pretty darn amazing. But there’s room – even in such an amazing life – to be bored, to be crabby, to just be.

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