Homeschooling Isn’t For the Kids

Homeschooling Isn't For the Kids
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There is a going joke in our family that homeschooling isn’t for the kids.

“I didn’t choose homeschooling for you!” I will quip. They will laugh because they know what’s coming.

I mean, of course we all know how I feel about homeschooling and how much I believe it’s the best way to educate a child. But here’s what I believe just as strongly: we chose homeschooling for us as much as for them.

Homeschooling is for the Adults

There’s an adage in the business world that the best thing in life when you’re working hard to make money is not what you get, it’s what you become. This is true of homeschooling as well.

While you are teaching, spending time, researching and learning together, you become something you could never have had you simply carted the children off to school.

If parenting is a second chance at childhood, homeschooling is your second chance at getting a real education.

As your children are learning, you will catch a spark and should you choose to pursue it, you will learn more than you ever did in your years at school. I would know – I have spent 22 years in classrooms. It’s one of the reasons I hate them so much.

Enthusiasm Restored

I wrote a little while ago about how I realized we were not on the right track when I couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm over “school.”

In a desperate desire to “stay on track,” I had let our education become limited to completing worksheets. I had forgotten the rabbit trails, searching the internet to answer random questions. I had forgotten the power of conversation.

Remembering my own enthusiasm changed everything.

It wasn’t that I removed my children from the equation; it was that I allowed them to learn as they learn best – from little pieces of knowledge gleaned from here and there woven together through conversation as I went about my day.

I let them learn as they asked questions, developed curiosity, interest and desire. Basic worksheets took less and less time in our day.

This happened because I reminded myself of a basic truth: homeschooling isn’t for the kids; it’s for the adults.

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