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Homeschooling News & Views - April 21, 2017

It’s Friday! Time for another edition of news and views of this week!

Earlier this week, Forbes published that education start ups are growing at an exponential rate. This is good news for more decentralized education outside of state control. The more private businesses get involved, the better.

Speaking of new ways to learn, here is a buyer’s guide for the best apps for learning a language. Duolingo is the #1 free app. Which one do you use?

A columnist at the New York Post asks why schools have stopped teaching American history. As you probably know if you read this blog that history is a subject close to my heart – one we take quite seriously in our homeschool. This article makes some good points.

Some local news I found interesting (and maddening!) coming out of Iowa where lawmakers want to call for a state teacher to visit families in their homes every four months as a “safety net.” Apparently, this will prevent abuse. There aren’t enough angry emojis on my keyboard for how I feel.

Another piece of local news comes from Virginia where the House of Delegates passed a bill allowing homeschooled students to play in public school teams.

Some interesting new book releases I intend to pick up at some point are:

Have a good weekend!

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