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Homeschooling News & Views - April 21, 2017

Oh, look it’s been a week already and here we are heading into the weekend. From what I read, there isn’t much that is new, but there are some developing stories worth mentioning.

First up, the HSLDA pledged support to what is called the last homeschooling family in Sweden. Thomas and Marita Sandberg of Mörbylånga, Sweden, have endured threats, fines, investigations, and even public shaming as they continue to defend their right to teach their own children. The Sandbergs are currently live in Finland.

More news on the Buffalo mother who has now been separated from her children for 45 days. She has now filed a civil rights case.

I found this defense of writing about math in Common Core a good article. As I have mentioned before, I don’t have a problem with teaching different techniques of solving a math problem, it’s the this is the only way approach that is bothersome to me.

In local news, cursive writing might become part of the curriculum in Ohio schools, Arkansas homeschooling advocates push to let homeschoolers play school sports and an Internet poll in Texas reveals parents want a removal of tests, not school choice.

My reading this week has been a little fantasy and a little fun.

And that wraps up another News and Views post. See you next week!

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