Homeschooling is Both a Sprint and a Marathon

If you have goals you plan to bring into focus in the upcoming weeks and months, don’t forget homeschooling. The very nature of it makes it difficult to have goals, but don’t let that dissuade you.

When making goals remember that homeschooling is both – a spring and a marathon. 

That will make it much easier to plan for.

Planning For a Sprint

Homeschooling is a sprint because each day requires new muscles – stronger ones and quick, decisive action. On any given day, a thousand little decisions come into play.

The success or failure of your day hinges on whether you can make these decisions, do these tasks, quickly and win.

Much like in a sprint, the end goal of every homeschool day is in sight, but needs to be reached for and worked toward. And the sense of accomplishment when it is achieved is palpable. But there is a rhythm to it – a speed, a motion – and it is a quick one. Lose the speed and lose the race.

Knowing this, plan for every homeschool day with speed and efficiency as your focus. Use a checklist. Write down in precise terms what needs to be accomplished for it to be labeled a win.

Planning For a Marathon

While every day is a sprint, the years of homeschooling are a marathon. And much like in a marathon, it’s a mental game as well as a physical one.

Pace yourself – isn’t that what they repeat constantly? You can’t go all out on mile 1 because there are 25.2 more. When it comes to homeschooling, don’t start too early.

Just as in a marathon, the mental battle is most of the work.

You can do this, but you might need to convince yourself more than once. Include a steady stream of inspiration, but don’t get overwhelmed.

Above all, include regular time to dream, plan and simply to think.

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