Is the Classroom The Best We Can Do?

is the classroom the best we can do?

I’ve been thinking much lately about the nature of imparting education. I’ve also been thinking about how easily we fall into the classroom model without intentionally deciding to do so.

Even as homeschoolers. Especially as homeschoolers.

I hate it. Yes, hate is a strong word. And, yes, I hate it.

I will however occasionally tolerate it. What do I mean by “it?” I mean teaching in groups, encouraging competition, knowing the “right” answer, forced association (socialization), following along and doing what everyone else is doing, rewards for remembering, listening, checking the right box.

I will tolerate it; but some days it gets to me.

Can we not devise a better model? Can we not think of another way to impart education? Are we that intellectually destitute, so schooled, that we cannot encourage delight in children by simple learning except by goading them with rewards?

Look, I don’t mean to be incendiary. I’m just asking some questions. Because I’ve been turning this over in my head as well. I don’t want to just replicate school at home or elsewhere.

The classroom situation goes against every fiber in my unschooling body. I firmly believe that the way in which education is imparted to a child tells him volumes about himself – who he is, how he is to behave, how intelligent (or not) he is considered, his self-worth, amongst other things – before even a word is uttered.

Yes, a classroom is perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to teach a group of children, but is it ideal for the individual child to learn in?

I’m not convinced.

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Author: Purva Brown

Writer / blogger at – unapologetically blending two seeming opposites.

1 thought on “Is the Classroom The Best We Can Do?”

  1. Purva you should remember that in the government schools they are ALWAYS arguing for smaller class sizes: As home schoolers we have just discovered that the ideal class size for a good education is one-on-one! Something only a dedicated parent or a very rich person who hires a personal tutor can achieve.

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