Latin for Self Directed Learners

Latin for Self Directed Learners

Indulge me for a moment. I’m having a Latin moment.

I know, I know. I mentioned in my book The Classical Unschooler that I would never teach my children Latin.

And I want you to know that, true to my word, I’m doing nothing of the sort. I have no intention of teaching them the language.

Instead, it’s me I want to teach Latin.

So if you’re like me and you’re interested in learning to speak and read Latin, I encourage you to join me.

I have found a completely free resource online called Linney’s Latin Class.

The best thing about this class is that it is completely free. The creator of the class insists that he is not a professional teacher and just happens to love the language.

He takes you step by step through 73 lessons using The First Year of Latin as a textbook. This is an open domain book, but you can also get a print copy of it.

To make the entry into his lectures easier, William Linney has written a beginner’s guide called Getting Started With Latin

As someone with no background in the language, I can say this is an indispensable resource for me. It is self-paced and something I can do by myself at home.

In my book, I mentioned that I love unschoolers because they have not forgotten that they are learning as well.

It also constantly amazes me how much my children pick up just by being around me when I’m learning or listening to something. That’s why I make it a point that I watch as many history documentaries as possible.

More than anything else, I’d love for my children to learn that if you’re interested and curious, you can learn anything.

The resources are out there. Find and use them!

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