Learning through Beading

learning through beading

Currently, we’re learning all the time but we’re typically schooling about two days a week.

It may not seem like a lot but then again the kids are only four and three (I have to keep reminding myself of this!) and I can fill the entire day pretty easily with activities to keep the them learning and having fun. (Thank you, Pinterest!)

On days we don’t officially school, we still begin the day with reading – typically, the Bible and then other books if there’s interest.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned our schedule before, so for now, I’ll just talk about how we incorporated math into another craft. The kids love beads, you know the kind, craft beads that are in gyms and preschools everywhere. They love stringing them, which is a fantastic fine motor skill but I thought to take it one step further. Why not teach them sequences? I thought.

R.C.Sproul Jr. as well as his late wife Denise Sproul have talked about how to teach math from a biblical perspective. Since sequences are pre-math work and my role as a Christian parent involves mainly teaching my children to love God, sequences helped me draw the connection between night and day, summer, fall, winter and spring and how reliable and faithful our God truly is.

And we ended up with a whole lot of fun toys for the baby!

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