Location in Time Management

Location in time management
Before I became a mom, I sold real estate for a short while – make that a very short while. Selling, I soon discovered, was not my forte. Well, not unless you count making a “customer” (read: kid) sit in the corner and say Take it or leave it, which is all I do now and, well, it works surprisingly well.

Anyway, to get back to the point, the biggest thing I learned in real estate was that the oft-repeated adage of location, location, location is true.

You are better off buying a decrepit house in a great neighborhood than you are buying a beautiful model home in a not so nice area. As you can tell, I clearly did not obey that rule when buying our house. See, I told you I wasn’t very good at selling real estate.

I did however learn that the rule about location, location, location is a perfect one when it comes not just real estate but also time management and also space management which ultimately leads to better time management. Let me explain.

First, space.

If you haven’t had a toddler in your home for a while, you will notice that every glass jar, indeed every object in your home is sitting at exactly the wrong spot the moment said toddler walks in the door. I know this because years ago my parents rearranged our entire home when my nephew visited. I did the same as soon as my husband and I had children. Everything became too fragile or a weapon. So it moved and occupied the higher realms of real estate aka shelves. As the children grew older however I began to then realize that certain things could then be moved lower to save me time.

I learned from my friend, Melanie Tiner, mother of three, that their snacks could be placed in a strategic location at their height so that they could get to them and I didn’t have to do the dispensing each time. Dishes could be placed on a lower location, so that the children could set the table. Cereal could be within the arm’s reach of the oldest child so she could feed the rest breakfast. Simple changes in the kitchen helped save me time and get the children involved in basic tasks.

Second, the more direct aspect of location: time. I have found that placing a specific task in a different location of my day causes it to be done more efficiently, thereby saving me time in the overall day. Exercise, for instance, works best when it’s sandwiched between a shower and my morning coffee before the kids are up. I know, it doesn’t sound efficient, but that is where its perfect location lies.

Also, I recently learned from another friend, Jen Opie, mother of four, that prepping dinner right after eating lunch and before washing the dishes from said lunch, saves an immense amount of time in preparing dinner. My energy levels tend to be lower in the evening and usually I want to relax with the rest of the family, so what gets done efficiently and quickly during the twelve o’ clock hour can take at least another half hour in the five o’ clock hour. Location strikes again.

If you’re struggling with a specific task in your day, try and change the time or space location and see if there’s a perfect fit. Chances are there is something you are not seeing just yet.

Location, location, location works for more than just real estate.

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Author: Purva Brown

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  1. I love Jen’s hint about prepping dinner right after lunch. I will have to try that. Along those lines, that’s why I love crockpot meals. I usually put a crockpot meal on right after breakfast, so that saves me so much time in cooking and cleanup later on in the day when I’m tired.

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