Most Recommended Read Alouds For Fantasy Fans

Most Recommended Read Alouds for Fantasy Fans

If you’re like me, you’ll probably never stop reading aloud to your kids.

Now, I was never a fantasy reader. I mean never. My husband had tried – unsuccessfully – to get me to read Tolkein’s works but I would fall asleep. No, I’m not lying. But something about reading aloud to my children has given me a new interest in – well, pretty much everything. Including fantasy. I’ve started for instance trepidatiously heading over to the fantasy and sci-fi areas of bookstores and even – gasp! – picking some up to read. I’m slowly beginning to enjoy them.

So I recently asked a few hundred of my homeschooling friends what books they would recommend for those of us that love fantasy and adventure stories as read alouds. I was working on a list. Then I thought maybe you would like to see this list, too.

So I’m sharing it with you.

Roald Dahl started the read aloud adventure for us. We started readingJames and the Giant Peach and were hooked. My kids loved it.

I read a ton of Enid Blyton as a child and you couldn’t tear me away from my books. For some reason, my kids didn’t have the same attraction to these, but yours might.

The one we have enjoyed the most is The Hobbit. But doesn’t everyone?

Edward Eager’s Tales of Magic has had multiple recommendations.

If a squirrel for a hero is your (or your kids’) thing, you might like The Mistmantle Chronicles. I just can’t get Reepicheep out of my head and this one might be, well, let’s just say way down on our list.

Gregor and the Underland Chronicles have also been highly recommended and I’m actually excited to read these for myself as well as to the kids. A note of caution – both this one and the Mistmantle Chronicles apparently have some themes that might be disturbing to some children, so be sure to check them out yourself and edit, edit, edit if necessary.

The Wingfeather Saga is another one I’m quite looking forward to reading to the children. Sounds promising.

Lloyd Alexander has had numerous awards and The Chronicles of Prydainalso comes highly recommended. Just the reviews on the Amazon page makes me want to read this series.

And, of course, where would fantasy be without our beloved Harry Potter? We’re enjoying it so much!

Any that I missed that you love? Let me know!

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  1. I also LOVED the Redwall by Brian Jacques series as a child (12 years and up). Start with Redwall and read the MANY sequels.
    Anything by Robin McKinley, specifically her re-tellings of fairytales. They tend to be “clean”, but are geared perhaps more to adults (and females). Best for younger readers/listeners would be “Beauty” and perhaps her short story collections. She has newer works geared to younger readers as well. (Dragonhaven & Pegasus).

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