There is Never a Perfect Time

There is Never a Perfect Time

If you’re undertaking a new venture, it helps to know that there is never a perfect time to begin. This is certainly true of homeschooling.

As the weather cools and we enter fall, you might feel left behind if you were considering homeschooling this summer. Something held you back – the logistics, perhaps or you didn’t have enough time to think things through or create a curriculum.

Maybe you wanted to give it more thought.

All of these are (maybe) good reasons to delay the decision – but here’s one that not: it wasn’t the perfect time.

I find myself using this term – now’s not the time, maybe later – and it’s often to my detriment. By half hanging on to the hope of doing something but making no progress toward it, I deny myself the satisfaction of working toward a goal. On the other hand, by not cutting it off completely, I don’t get any closure on the matter. I don’t free up mental space to do other things, pursue other desires.

Instead, I’m teaching myself to remember that there is never a perfect time. Convictions matter more than timelines. If you are convinced that homeschooling is the path for you, explore it and take the leap no matter where in the school year you find yourself.

The legal aspects of this are important, of course, so be sure to consult the HSLDA website and file when necessary but it is my understanding that when you begin homeschooling in states that require an affidavit, you may file at at time.

Convictions take time to grow, but it is up to us to give them to raw material to do so. I’m talking about a good night or three having trouble sleeping. These are good things. These are what spur us on to do things we want.

There is never a perfect time, but there is a perfect conviction. Think and read until you develop one and when you have, don’t wait for anything else.

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Author: Purva Brown

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1 thought on “There is Never a Perfect Time”

  1. The more I read of your blog the more I realize how you are a kindred spirit in the homeschooling world. I’m that “in the middle” person too and believe there’s value in both unschooling, relaxed, life-based days AND I think it’s great to take some of the responsibilities that come with being the parent and guide/walk alongside my kids as we intentionally tackle areas that may be difficult. Our character is shaped by the trials! But there is a time to work and a time to play!! Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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