New Book Announcement

I’ve been holding on to something quite, quite huge lately.

Okay, okay… deep breath. Here goes.

I have a new book!

If you have read The Classical Unschooler, you should know it’s nothing like it. While The Classical Unschooler focuses more on homeschooling, the new one is part memoir, part Christian meditation on being a mother. 

Big Shoes to Fill: An Imperfect Mom Learns of God’s Perfect Love is available to buy now on Amazon. You can do so here. It is available as a paperback as well as an e-book.

I wrote this book when my oldest – now eight years old – was a toddler. I continued to write and edit it through the pregnancy with my third baby who is now four.

Why did I shelve it for so long? Well, for one, because the book is of a personal nature, it needed more editing. For the same reason, it also needed more courage to get out there.

But something has shifted inside me lately. On the cusp of turning 40, things change, I suppose. Perhaps it’s homeschooling or maybe the support and love of all you amazing people who read my blog. Or maybe I’m just crazy, who knows? Either way, I’ve decided to stop sitting on this book and send it out into the world.

My baby has to sprout wings. And this time, I’m not talking about the three I write about all the time.

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