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Homeschooling News & Views - April 21, 2017

It’s raining out here in Sacramento, California as I write this and the rain seems to be dampening everyone’s spirits, because news this week is fairly tame.

(Except for those handpicked stories I am sharing here, of course.)

First up is the HSLDA story about HR 610 – a bill introduced in Congress that calls for all federal education dollars to be turned over to the states. The states are to then make them available as vouchers to all public, private and homeschools. According to the HSLDA, this will hurt your rights as homeschoolers and they oppose it as a matter of prudence and principle. You can read the details here.

If you’ve been following the news story of the Buffalo mother who pulled her children from public school to homeschool them and then had CPS take the children away, you can read the follow up to that here. Last I heard, HSLDA has taken up the case, so I will post more when I have further information.

This post to homeschool children to keep them away from someone who is in favor of homeschooling struck me as funny.

New books in the last 30 days I am looking forward to reading: Power Play: How Video Games Can Save the WorldThe Importance of Being Little: What Young Children Really Need from Grownups, Norse Mythology (those of you who are Neil Gaiman fans, this is a double attraction!) and The Homeschool Life Coloring Book

And, oh, if you are a coloring book kind of person, you should check out this deal on gel pens I shared on my Facebook page last week. 80 gel pens for under $16! Claim it here:

Have a great weekend!

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