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Homeschooling News & Views - April 21, 2017

Hope the week has been easy on you. It’s Friday! Which means another edition of Homeschooling News and Views.

Here’s what been going on this week in the homeschooling world.

First, the news…

There has been much talk about homeschoolers, abuse and the supposed requirement of government oversight. This article does a fantastic job of addressing that. I posted this on my Facebook page and it’s still making the rounds.

Another excellent article you must read came out this week. This is a must read, especially for those of you who are stay at home or work at home moms. I know I’m tired of hearing that I’ve wasted my education! How about you?

Does free online education violate the American with Disabilities Act? Apparently, some (well meaning, I’m sure) bureaucrats think so. Read all about it here.

Unschooling is in the news again. We’re going mainstream!

And in local news, Kentucky homeschool students can now be involved in public school teams.

Then the views!

This has been a busy week for me, but I did manage to carve out some time to read. As I said in my post last Friday, I’ve been quite taken by the Greeks, especially Plato.

So this is what I’ve been reading this week. Some of these are excellent. I’ll have a separate post on them soon.

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the changing weather!

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