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Homeschooling News & Views - April 21, 2017

Oh, goody! Another Friday! Have you ever noticed that the first half of the week seems positively uphill? And then once Wednesday comes along, it’s like the rest is just easy-peasy? That’s exactly how it went this week.

However, we have more important matters to talk about than the vagaries of my week, so here we go!

First the News…

This post about why Dutch children seem to be the happiest in the world caught my eye. And it seems true enough on the surface, but I have no insight into Dutch culture, so I’d love to know what you think.

And this is a blast from the past, but a good one nonetheless and related to the story above. It popped up in my Facebook memories and I thought I’d share it again. It asks: Are today’s parents getting a raw deal?

In the online world, two stories seemed worth posting. One is about apps like Duolingo, which I love, that make use of waiting time to teach you something new. I must say I love this trend. Another seeks to remove eight of the most common online learning myths.

… then the Views!

Boy, was I glad to be at work this week! Apparently, I don’t do so well when I have nothing to do. This week, I actually discovered gel pens and a fantastic coloring book. And that derailed my reading. So I was only able to get to two good books, but oh, are they good! And long. I’ll have more to say about Three Squares soon.

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