No, Homeschooling Is Not Elitist

No, Homeschooling Is Not Elitist
Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:

“It’s bad enough that homeschoolers have removed themselves from society. It’s even worse that they bring their elitist attitude to look down on public schools.”

Well, it’s all find and dandy for you, they seem to say. You’re privileged. You can afford to stay home and homeschool. Not everyone can cloister themselves like you homeschoolers.

I’ve certainly heard it – especially on my Facebook page. So here’s my response to that nonsensical accusation of being elitist.

Many homeschoolers have jobs.

While the best case scenario involves one parent staying home to teach the children, this is not always the case. In my real life schedules post, I mention many different ways people find ways to make homeschooling work.

Some of these people have work outside the home.

Other homeschoolers have made the often difficult choice of lowering their standard of living or even moving to give their children the kind of education they would like.

You can call that a sacrifice, you can call that a decision, albeit a bad one, or you can call it conviction.
But what you certainly can not call it is elitism.

Homeschoolers live in society all day.

I used to be shocked at the accusation that homeschooling is elitist.

Then I realized that it was just the old socialization accusation.

It’s just that now it was somehow turned against homeschoolers to make us seem enviable as opposed to a people who needed to be pitied.

The point is this: how is it that people who send their children to be under lock and key, watched and supervised all day long, their intellect and behavior prodded and poked, call homeschoolers isolated? And worse, isolated by choice and therefore elitist?

Homeschoolers find themselves in society every single day. Just ask my children who are asked by any random number of people, as if they’re shocked to actually see children, “What?! No school today?” As in, what are you doing out here in public? Has no one locked you up yet?

Yeah, thanks for the privilege.

And, by the way, homeschoolers are more involved in meaningful public activities than you’d think.

Homeschoolers surpass public schoolers in tests every single year, but that doesn’t mean we sit around all day testing and memorizing.

We are not ivory tower academics, either, but you’ll find many of those in the very institutions you claim are not elitist.

If homeschoolers criticize public schools, it’s not because we’re elitist. It’s because we have found a way to educate that works – with lesser time and fewer of our neighbor’s dollars spent.

Surely that’s something worth talking about?

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