Reading Slayback’s “The End of School”

Reading Slayback's The End of School

School took me away from the learning I wanted to engage in and made me focus on things I didn’t want. I loved learning; I just hated school. – Zachary Slayback

I came across a delightful book a few months ago. I think every homeschooler / unschooler ought to read it, especially if you have older children.

Another reason to read it even if you have little children and are perhaps only taking the first few steps toward homeschooling? To form a conviction about college and be able to guide your kids appropriately right from the start.

Now, before you form any opinions for or against college, let me say the book is not an argument against college as much as it is a plea to do something better or at least go there knowing what you want.

Slayback makes two great points:

  1. A college education was never the panacea to poverty and helplessness as preached by most today. It was simply a correlation of the prosperity that occurred post World War II and not a causation of it.
  2. Even if you are in favor of a college education, there is no reason separate it from work in the real world. When we create and enforce this artificial barrier between the two, it makes us think that work is just a necessity and not essential. Education and work are both important and when we don’t compartmentalize the two, they have a much greater impact on our lives. In his Slayback’s own words, “Studying Bertrand Russell’s philosophy of work can be great when you aren’t working, but it can have life-altering impacts when you are working. Getting a good grasp of economics can appear valuable in the abstract, but it can mean the difference between staying in your current job and launching your startup when you are working.”

An excellent book well worth your time. Get it here.

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