Saving Time on Record Keeping

Saving Time on Record Keeping - The Classical Unschooler

One of my biggest jobs in almost every aspect of what I do as a homemaker and my children’s educator is record keeping.

The sheer amount of time can takes to meal plan, keep school records, make a budget, manage it, keep track of investment options for our retirement as well as chasing down those pesky customer service issues related to all the aforementioned things can be overwhelming. It is no wonder that moms find it hard to manage it all.

One of the descriptions in my Google profile is “Keeper of the Little Things” and it couldn’t be more apt. I am a micromanager, I am detail oriented. I am easily upset if something isn’t organized quite right. Oh yeah, and I also have three children, five and under. Yeah. That.

This is where I truly appreciate and embrace every technological advance that simplifies my life. Specifically, these are the tools I use the most:

Blogger: I keep a blog of my children’s school worksheets. I also use it to organize and log all the “extra curricular” things they do that I would count as school. I do not like clutter, so as soon as I take a picture of the latest relevant worksheet (I don’t take pictures of every worksheet) I throw it away.

Evernote: I love this app! I use it to write random ideas, meal plan ideas, book ideas, homeschool ideas, and so on in my phone. I go through and also edit mercilessly and delete old notes. As I said, I get overwhelmed easily.

Google Drive: I keep a current copy of our budget on Google Drive and can now (thanks to Google Sheets!) carry around our investment portfolio details and edit them as well. Most of our budget is pretty much the same month in and month out. The variables that need to be controlled are logged weekly. I’m not as regular about this as I would like to be.

Pen and Paper: Ha! For meal planning. I give myself fifteen minutes to plan meals before we head out grocery shopping. It usually involves sitting with some of my favorite books and looking through them. I have tried almost every other method and it either takes too long or it brings out the obsessive-compulsive in me and I get nothing done.

If there’s an app that has made your record keeping easier, I would love to hear about it!

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