The Wisdom of Crowds in Homeschooling

the wisdom of crowds in homeschooling

The wisdom of crowds can be a real thing.

I’ve been finding that out all this summer. There is wisdom in finding people who have gone before you, learning from them and adapting what they have to say to apply it in your individual life.

What Homeschoolers Need

The biggest need of all homeschooling moms is support.

Homeschooling can feel incredibly lonely. This is because usually it is done by a stay at home mom. Typically, the family is stretching every dollar and living on one income.

And while it sounds like when I speak of support, I am referring to financial support, I am not.

The kind of support homeschoolers need goes far beyond someone plunking down cash at their feet. Unless seriously financially strapped, giving a homeschool family money doesn’t help. I especially do not like the idea of a charter school, which is not technically homeschool but parent-directed public education. But we will save that discussion for another post.

Homeschooling moms need a real homeschool community around them.

What Is A Real Homeschool Community?

Let me just say this – it is not a homeschool co-op.

While co-ops are great places to learn skills by both children and parents alike, I have often heard of people refer to co-ops as a place to send their children so that they can get some free time while the children get educated. This makes me bristle – it sounds too much like public school.

When I refer to a homeschooling community, I do not mean glorified babysitting of any sort.

A real homeschool community supports the parents in their roles as home educators without seeking to remove the children from under their care or otherwise insert itself as an alternate or equal authority figure.

Here I am referring to our friends, our relatives, other homeschool moms who have graduated after decades of homeschooling their own children, the Church, Facebook groups, online homeschool groups, blogs, librarians, consultants, other homeschooling moms in the trenches with us, even good books that guide us toward getting better at doing what we have been called to do.

Who or Where is Your Homeschool Community?

If you do not have one, it is imperative to find one. For starters, ask around in your church. Look on Facebook.

Talk to older moms who have homeschooled. Yes, you may not agree with all of them – find one or two who can mentor you.

Another great place to find support is in homeschool conventions. If you have one in your city, find out what organization supports them and sign up. And then use it!

Surround yourself with people who will encourage, challenge and teach you. Remember, you’re learning, too! 

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