Three Reasons Introverts Make Good Homeschoolers

3 Reasons Introverts Make Good Homeschoolers

You don’t need a Myers-Briggs personality test to tell you when you are an introvert. You just know it. You’re not shy, you’re just an introvert.

Here’s why introverts make good homeschoolers.

Introverts keep it simple

Introverts are exhausted by noise in their environment and tend to be minimalists to a large degree. Noise can be visual or audio or just plain excess. When it comes to homeschooling, this can be a task to get through because the sheer volume of curriculum choices makes it a daunting task.

Introverts by nature will want to keep things simple. While it may be a task you don’t look forward to much, keeping curriculum choices simple is an advantage you can capitalize on as an introvert, especially if you tend to be an INTJ or an INFJ.

As a result of this trait, introverts tend to focus on what matters most. They seem to have an uncanny ability to filter out what does not add to their lives. This is a uniquely helpful trait for a homeschooler.

Introverts tend to be self-reliant

Extroverts like the energy of crowds. And while a like-minded homeschooling community is priceless, an introvert knows that the one person she cannot let down is herself. As an introvert homeschooler, you will be less likely to depend on outside influence and more likely to build a custom curriculum that works for your specific family needs.

Much of homeschooling can be boring to someone who needs more stimulation, but it is perfect for the introvert who sees the beauty of the small, everyday things.

Introverts can spot a mistake a mile away

Susan Cain in Quiet mentions that one of the good things about being an introvert is that you are driven to speak up only if things are bothering you. So unlike an extrovert who is more vocal in general, if you care about something deeply enough, you will be motivated to fix it.

This is an invaluable trait in a homeschooler. Since you are especially attuned to your environment, anything that isn’t working can force you to change. This makes you flexible, which is a good thing.

Ultimately, as an introvert, you are primed to succeed as a homeschooler because you recognize that homeschooling, indeed all education, is not a performance but a conversation.

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