Three Things Moms Should Know About That Viral Video about Child Abduction

Three Things Moms Should Know About Child Abduction Video

I’m sure you’ve seen it. My Facebook feed is certainly exploding with it. Every mom, it seems, is now holding her kid closer, hugging him tighter, repeating, Don’t talk to strangers! even more vociferously than before.

Here’s the thing: it’s a lie. Why this guy decided to misreport the facts that even though there are 700 children reported missing every day, the majority of them are NOT abductions but runaways that return home is beyond me.

Here’s the other thing: You cannot protect your child from every danger out there. You can teach them to know what to do. Instead of having to “watch them like a hawk” as moms like to put it, why not give them the tools to respond appropriately? Don’t tell them not to talk to strangers, teach them not to go away with strangers.

And finally, the thing that no one seems to mention: If you’re a mom who thinks your kid is not safe unless you are watching him every minute of every day, you are the kind of mom who will invite the government to take your place when you cannot.

And that’s where I come in.

Fear mongering invites the state into places it shouldn’t be. It effectively reduces freedom for all children – yours and mine. And that’s something to truly fear.

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