Top Five Apps for Kids (Teach by NOT Teaching)

Top Five Apps for Kids (Teach by NOT Teaching)

We love our electronics in this house. I have mentioned that before. We play video games, we have Kindle Fire and family movie nights. Given a choice between television and video games or apps, I will always choose the latter.

More than anything else that appeals to me about tablets is their ability to teach when we’re not doing sit-down learning.

We believe very strongly in our family about the importance of memorization and having a handy reference of facts in our heads. I write about this often. (Hence the term the classical unschooler!) What I don’t fuss over though is how those facts get there.

Most of the time the children learn these facts while playing on their tablet, thanks to these apps. Most of these are my absolute favorites.

Stack the States

My all time favorite app! Everyone in the family enjoys this one. And my kids can play it for hours. They learn about different landmarks in every state, which state borders which state and also where each of the fifty states are on a map of United States.

Price: $2.99

Stack the States II

A step up from Stack the States and a little bit harder. Here the “stack” for winning has to be much taller. Well, guess what? They can do it. When a challenge is presented as a game, my kids have no problem with it. My four year old who can’t read yet can put all 50 states in the right places. Go figure.

Price: $2.99

Stack the Countries

This is just like the above, except here you learn a little bit about all the countries of the world and you learn where they go in their rightful continent. Occasionally, I will get a question from my children that I have to admit I know nothing about. Eeep. It’s time for me to play on the Fire when they’re in bed.

Price: $2.99

Presidents Vs. Aliens

This one is fun! If you’ve seen my crazy children memorize the President’s song from the Classical Conversations CD, you can tell that they’re really into historical trivia. In Presidents Vs. Aliens, they search through their knowledge and add to it by identifying if the game is talking about a president or an alien. It is made by the creator of Stack the States and Stack the Countries.

Price: $1.99

Tower Math

Now, this is very clearly an educational game. But that does not mean it’s not fun! It’s just that you’re not going to be able to be sneaky about it and buy it for your kids. We have this as part of our curriculum, so it’s not an issue. We love reading about sieges and medieval warfare anyway, so this fits right in. You have to solve math problems to save the numbers.

Price: $1.99

I am a huge, huge fan of all these apps as you can probably tell. You can find them all here.

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