Two Organizational Skills Homeschoolers Need

As I write this, we are living in an apartment half the size of our previous home. Our homeschooling is going without a hitch through this transition. And yet, something is missing.

That something is not just the fact that we have less space. As I have written before, homeschooling can be done with much less room than we think.

What’s currently missing is knowing where to find something.

Although we live by the “a place for everything and everything in its place” rule, moving has a way of disrupting that stolid approach to life. Suddenly, there is thinking involved in reaching for a spoon, a knife, a book.

This leads me to think of all the new homeschoolers out there and offer up some of my advice to add to this collection of the best advice to new homeschoolers.

New Homeschoolers Need A Place For Everything

New homeschoolers think they need a curriculum, a schedule, a way to get information into their children’s heads. That may well be true. But more than anything else, new homeschoolers need a place for everything.

When you organize your homeschooling material, ensure you have a place for everything before you buy it. This is not limited to physical space, mind you. Mental space and temporal space also matter. Consider that it will take some time.

New Homeschoolers Need to Know Where to Go

In addition to having a place for everything, new homeschoolers need to know where to find things they need.

Online groups are indispensable in this regard. A homeschooling friend or two, a community, someone who has been there before you, someone who is homeschooling right alongside you – these are people to keep close. You will find what you’re looking for.

Remember these two things when you organize homeschooling material and you will do just fine.

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Author: Purva Brown

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2 thoughts on “Two Organizational Skills Homeschoolers Need”

  1. Insightful post! I have homeschooled 24 years and this would be my first recommendation once the decision has been made to Homeschool. I have learned the hard way!;)

  2. Great post! Thank you. I like that it is a manageable place to start. (And we are *just* starting… I have an almost four year old girl, a two year old girl, and one more on the way.)

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