When Homeschool Schedules Attack

Schedules in our Homeschool

It has happened again. The homeschool schedules have attacked.

Or maybe the changing weather does this to me. October makes me want to escape, take a break, run into the wilds and never return. Except I really love my couch. And my bed. Oh, and let’s face it – I do love the internet.

But when a few days ago, I became aware that all my day dreams began to be about a vacation and not having to follow a schedule or to put more accurately direct a schedule, I decided something had to be done.

I grew up with schedules for everything – and I really do mean everything.

Television watching had a time. (I still have guilt feelings about turning on the telly before one p.m.) Bathing had a time. Eating was on schedule. Studying was to be done first thing in the morning. There was a time for coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and dinner.

If something, anything, was out of place, it was noticed, cataloged and commented on – by everyone.

I must have liked this eternal Groundhog Day or at least felt comforted by it but today, it feels like a straightjacket. And so I have to acknowledge that while, for the most part, schedules are amazing things that help us achieve everything we want to, sometimes, they make us feel like automatons.

So all this week I have labeled Unschooling Week. Not just for my children, but for me as well.

I’m de-scheduling myself.

For school, we will be visiting pumpkin farms, museums and zoos. Worksheets will be banned. I will be doing nothing on schedule or at the very least I will be doing everything with a heaping dose of creativity and ease. It’s an experiment of sorts.

If it works, we’ll tack on another week.

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Author: Purva Brown

Writer / blogger at http://TheClassicalUnschooler.com – unapologetically blending two seeming opposites.

1 thought on “When Homeschool Schedules Attack”

  1. I feel today like throwing the towel. Reading this helped. But still I have a new schedule this week to make it work. Thank you for sharing.

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